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29 shows the way on arsenic removal

By Sara Kernan
for the Hi-Desert Star

TWENTYNINE PALMS — Twentynine Palms Water District is pioneering the field of arsenic removal in drinking water thanks to the partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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Review of chromium-6 health standard may benefit Banning, others

By Gail Wesson
for The Press-Enterprise

Although they did not file the lawsuit, water providers — including Banning and the desert areas of Riverside and San Bernardino counties — may get at least temporary relief after a Sacramento judge ruled the state didn’t take into account economic impacts when setting a chromium-6 drinking water standard more stringent than the federal standard. 

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Regenerating an Arsenic Removal Iron-Based Adsorptive Media System, Part 1: The Regeneration Process

Author(s): Sorg, Thomas J.; Chen, Abraham S.C.; Wang, Lili; Kolisz, Raymond
for American Water Works Association

Ray Kolisz, Twentynine Palms Water District’s General Manager, co-authored, a scientific article that describes his district’s adsorptive media technology, a nationally-renowned project that involves onsite regeneration of iron-based adsorptive media as an efficient and cost-effective solution to strip arsenic from drinking water.

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Small water districts get a break on chrome 6

by Lisa Yamashita-Lopez and Ray Kolisz
Special to the Bee

Water suppliers in California’s disadvantaged communities were struggling to comply with a prohibitively expensive regulation that only wealthy and larger water districts could afford.

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