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The Twentynine Palms Water District strives to provide valuable information about the District through its website. This section is designed for easy access to public information relating to operations and finances. For information not contained on this website, please contact the District at (760) 367-7546.




The Twentynine Palms Water District was formed in 1954 when the community voted, by a 5-1 margin, to form a County Water District (Water Code 30000 et seq.). Members of the Chamber of Commerce known as the “Water Committee” spearheaded this effort. Today the Twentynine Palms Water District serves the city of Twentynine Palms and outlying areas by pumping and distributing local groundwater – the only available supply. The District serves about 18,000 people over 87 square miles. The District maintains about 8,000 meters, 200 miles of pipeline and 17 million gallons of water storage capacity.




Special District Financial Transaction Report – Click here

Annual Disclosure of Board Member or Employee Reimbursement for Individual Charges Over $100 for Services or Products (Government Code 53065.5)

Reimbursement and Compensation Policy – Ordinance 90 and Resolution 94-27

2022-2023 Reimbursements

Employee and Board member compensation – Click here

CEQA Filing – Exemption in accordance with Ordinance 92 and Resolution 03-16

California Fair Political Practices Commission – Form 801

Ticket and/or Passes Distribution Policy – Resolution 09-08

Senate Bill 272 – Disclosure of Enterprise System Information



The Board of Directors complies with the requirements of the Fair Political Practices Act, the Ralph M. Brown Act, Public Records Act and statutory requirements for biennial California Local Agency Ethics training and sexual harassment prevention training, among others. The Board has adopted a Code of Conduct for Members of the Board of Directors.


Carol Giannini; Suzi Horn; Robert Coghill; Randy Leazer; Michael Arthur





The Board of Directors approves the budget in June, prior to the start of the new fiscal year in July.

Below is a list of our past financial documents:

Budget Archives Audit Archives
12-13 Water Budget 07-08 Audit Report
13-14 Water Budget 08-09 Audit Report
14-15 Water Budget 09-10 Audit Report
15-16 Water Budget 10-11 Audit Report
16-17 Water Budget 11-12 Audit Report
 GANN Limit VS. Budgeted Expenditures 15-16 12-13 13-14 Audit Report
 17-18 Water Budget 14-15 Audit Report
 18-19 Water Budget 15-16 Audit Report
 19-20 Water Budget 16-17 Audit Report
 20-21 Water Budget  17-18 Audit Report
 21-22 Water Budget  18-19 Audit Report
 22-23 Water Budget  19-20 Audit Report
 23-24 Water Budget  20-21 Audit Report
 24-25 Water Budget  21-22 Audit Report
   22-23 Audit Report



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