Lead and Copper Information

In January 2017, The State Water Resources Control Board, in collaboration with the California Department of Education, announced that any k-12 schools served by a municipality, water district, mutual water company or other public system may request assistance from their water providers to conduct water sampling for lead and to provide technical assistance if an elevated level of lead is found.  The Twentynine Palms Water District tested all schools for lead. All tests came back within the mandated compliance range.

In 2023, the District began a lead service line inventory, in accordance to state guidelines, that is nearly complete. For more information concerning lead and copper testing, please contact the Twentynine Palms Water District.

Additional information can be found below.

Facts about Lead and Drinking Water in California
Lead and Copper Rule for Drinking Water – State Water Resources Control Board
Lead and Copper Rule – United States Environmental Protection Agency




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