School Programs

Twentynine Palms Water District (TPWD) feels the best way to develop water-wise habits is through water education.

TPWD offers support to educators in its service area through providing classroom materials and lesson plans, as well as free water education presentations to 5th and 6th grade classrooms.

From the Ground, Up (Classroom Presentation)

Classroom presentations are designed to support grade level state curriculum standards, as well as foster an appreciation for water conservation in 5th and 6th grade students. The program teaches basic water concepts, such as water sources, source protection and conservation. In addition, individual grade level presentations address Earth’s fresh water supply, the water cycle, and drinking water treatment.

All classroom programs are offered at no cost to participating schools within the District’s service area. Presentations are approximately 60-70 minutes and include a combination of short videos, discussion, and classroom activities.

To schedule a presentation in your classroom, please call the District Secretary at (760) 367-1792 x 308 during regular business hours.

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