Rates & Fees

Your water bill is made up of two types of charges: fixed and variable.

Fixed charges cover the cost of maintaining the reliability of the water system. They include maintenance, repair and replacement of infrastructure, water quality testing, meter reading, debt payments, employee salaries and fire flow. These costs are covered by the Ready to Serve Charge, which does not vary from month to month and is not affected by how much water a customer uses.

See Resolution 21-01 for more information on fixed charges.

Variable charges are based on how much water is delivered to a home or business and include the cost of electricity for pumping water and treatment chemicals. These items are covered in the water rate, a per-unit charge for water used during each billing cycle. One unit of water is equal to 100 cubic feet, or 748 gallons.

For more information on variable charges, refer to Resolution 21-02.

The Board of Directors reviews the water rates annually and new rates may be adopted to meet anticipated operating costs. As a government agency, TPWD is required by law to only charge its customers the costs associated with providing water services.




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