Our Demonstration Garden

In 2012, the District completed a beautiful demonstration garden showcasing lush and efficient native plants.

The garden is open to the public from 7:30 am – 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday for self-guided tours.

As the plants are native to the desert area, they are naturally drought tolerant and require little water making them the perfect addition to any desertscape.

By incorporating water-wise California native plants in landscapes, you can quickly improve your outdoor water use.

If you plan on creating your own garden, below are some drought-tolerant options:

Cacti and Succulents

Barrel Cactus Beavertail Cactus Desert Agave
Hedgehog Cactus Joshua Tree Mojave Tree
Mojave Yucca Prickly Pear Silver Cholla
Bunch Grasses
Big Galleta Deergrass Desert Needlegrass
Indian Ricegrass Purple Three-Awn
Perrineals and Vines
California Fuchsia California Wild Grape Coyote Melon
Datura Desert Marigold Desert Senna
Dune Primrose Globe Mallow Penstemon
Prickly Poppy Snapdragon Vine
Mojave Sage Mormon Tea Ocotillo
Bladderpod Brittlebush California Buckwheat
Chuparosa Creosote Bush Desert Broom
Desert Lavender Desert Milkweed Desert Saltbush/Cattle Spinach/Allscale
Four-winged Saltbush Golden Eye Jojoba
Paperbag Bush/Bladdersage Rubber Rabbitbrush White Sage
Blue Palo Verde Catclaw Acacia Desert Willow
Fremont Cottonwood Honey Mesquite Pinon Pine
Screwbean Mesquite Smoke Tree
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